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Texas Division on Career Development and Transition

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Welcome to the Texas DCDT!

The Texas Division on Career Development and Transition is the Texas affiliate of the Division on Career Development and Transition and is part of Southwest Division of DCDT.


Texas Transition and Employment Guide Now Available

TEA has released the Texas Transition and Employment Guide. This comprehensive guide is intended for students and parents. School Districts are required to provide written information on how to access the electronic version of the guide and when necessary, provide assistance. School districts that maintain a website must post the link to the guide on the district website.

Texas Transition and Employment Guide-English

Texas Transition and Emploment Guide-Spanish


At the 2019 Texas Transition Conference

Texas DCDT will have a general membership meeting at the 2019Texas Transition Conference in San Antonio. Please stop by and say hello! If you are already a member, please bring a colleague to join.





New Membership Options

There are new Xceptional Membership Benefits available through our parent organization, CEC, and your choice is to pay a little more for a lot more value, or you can economize and be a member of Texas DCDT for as little as $85.




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